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Sometimes life lessons are learned through the every day occurrences, like baseball. Sometimes you learn not to give up halfway through, that there is always hope right up until the last pitch is thrown and sometimes, despite all the odds, miracles can happen when you least expect them. Baseball isn't just a ball game, it's a lesson in life.



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Pony: 13 - 15y/o, $145.00

Bronco: 11/12y/o: $140.00

Mustang: 9/10y/o; $140.00

Pinto 2: 8y/o (2nd grade); $115.00

Pinto 1: 7u/o (1st grade); $115.00

Shetland: 5-6y/o (Pre-K/Kindergarten; $95.00

Season Starts

April 5, 2021

Field cleanup will be March 20th at 9:00 am.  Please meet at the Holladay City baseball fields to help out.

​Tryouts will be March 20th be at 12 pm for Mustang and 2 pm for Bronco at the Holladay City baseball fields

Schedules available week before season starts